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John Crawford and Robin Simon are musical heavyweights in their own right, here joining forces to present a new project, ‘JCRS’. John Crawford, founder of the band Berlin,
principal songwriter and creative heart of the 80s powerhouse that released classics such as ‘Take My Breath Away’ and ‘The Metro’.

Robin Simon, former lead guitarist for Ultravox and Visage, known for his pioneering guitar techniques that brought you some of most creative and distinctive guitar sounds of the 80s.

John and Robin met by chance whilst Robin was in Los Angeles, they instantly got on and recorded three demos within a week. Six months later and they hired a studio in Lake Elsinore and wrote the whole album in a week. The album is a clash of 80s songwriting, with ethereal synths and moody futuristic space echo guitar textures.


There’s Only You
Like Crimson
I Could Stand On My Own
Vectors Part 1
Vectors Part 2
Shifting Sands
The Universe Suddenly
Shrinks With One Thought