• Released: 23/06/2023
  • Label: Aquarii
  • Genre: Jazz

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Archetype is an exorcism of South London’s underground spirit. It’s a sound-world which draws on its ancestral echoes as equally as it captures the pulse of a city on the edge of evolution. The twelve-track collaborative record is the product of two magnetised forces who should almost repel: producer, composer and keyboard player Joe Armon-Jones, and producer/DJ Maxwell Owin. At the fore of the scene south of the river, they draw on different instincts, different disciplines, different strengths - and converge them to make something which is both challenging and startlingly fresh. Guest features on the record include Lex Amor, Shabaka Hutchings, Fatima, Rocks FOE, O the Ghost, Mala, Maysia Osu & YUIS.


Side A
1. Archetype (feat. O the Ghost)
2. Ode 2 Reverb
3. 4Seasons (feat. Rocks FOE)

Side B
4. Don’t Tip Me Over (feat. Fatima)
5. Lost In The Function
6. Ikigai (feat. Mala, Marysia Osu & YUIS)

Side C
7. Grief (feat. Lex Amor)
8. Pedal Bike
9. Sisyphean (feat. O the Ghost)
10. Rago’s Garage (feat. Shabaka Hutchings)

Side D
11. Do I Keep Going?
12. Adrenaline/Oxygen