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Limited LP : Limited edition teal coloured 180g vinyl

LP : Released 1st November 2019

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An avid collector of jazz, blues, soul, funk, reggae, and all things in-between; Ash has DJed far and wide... from the infamous Royal Mail squat party to the canals of Venice, spinning vinyl in Brixton with The Specials to scattering dub across San Francisco and LA.

Ash’s production output is similarly exploratory: his journeys have taken him far and wide, from tunnels under the river Thames to recording local percussionists in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.
1. Under The Sun (ft Laville)
2. Time (ft Laville)
3. Come With Us
4. Brave New World
5. Finishing Touch (ft Laville)
6. Aquamarine

7. Sanity (ft Laville)
8. I Need Money
9. Fat King Smoke
10. Ain't Got You (ft Laville)
A1. Under The Sun (ft Laville)
A2. Time (ft Laville)
A3. Come With Us
A4. Brave New World
A5. Finishing Touch (ft Laville)
A6. Aquamarine

B1. Sanity (ft Laville)
B2. I Need Money

B3. Fat King Smoke
B4. Ain't Got You (ft Laville)
B5. The Dragon's Cashmere Jumper