Homeboy Sandman


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Produced by and featuring Aesop Rock. “I wrote half of these songs when my energy was either headed in the wrong direction or already there. I wrote the other half while my energy was moving in a direction I’m more excited about, that I find to be more enriching. They’re all still my songs though. My mother, and lots of my relatives, used to call me “Angelito.” Little Angel. The taijitu is the symbol for yin and yang. Opposites that make a whole. Given the dualistic/duelistic nature of the songs on the record, put it all together and what do you get, Anjelitu.” - Homeboy Sandman

1. Go Hard
2. Cow's Milk
3. West Coast
4. No Beef
5. Lice Team Baby (feat. Aesop Rock)
6. FYI