Willits & Sakamoto

Ancient Future

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Pioneering guitarist/artist Christopher Willits and leg-endary pianist/composer Ryuichi Sakamoto have carved a niche as central figures in the experimental electronic music scene. Sakamoto, a Grammy and Academy Award winning composer, and founding member of Yellow Magic Orchestra, has had a storied career since the 1970s. Willits, a generation younger, is forging his own prolific path, creating some of the past decade’s most unique guitar-based music and live audiovisual performances around the world. Their collaborations together are feats of peerless musicianship and sonic invention, being described as “two visionary musicians willing to explore a common creative ground” (The Milk Factory). "Ocean Fire", their first album together, emerged from the creative depths in 2008 to critical acclaim. This re-issue of 2012's "Ancient Future", cemented their strength as masters of tranquil ambience, lush piano chords and beautiful, elongated guitar tones.

01. Reticent Reminiscence
02. Abandoned Silence
03. I Don’t Want To Understand
04. Levitation
05. Releasing
06. Completion