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Anachronism Tango, a new Man album recorded by Martin and Josh Ace, James Beck (slide guitar, vocals), Rene Robrahn (drums) and veteran-keyboarder Malcolm Morley. 

The high and established Man quality level is also maintained on this album. With a population of approximately three million people, Wales has a diverse and successful music scene and has produced a number of internationally acclaimed stars over the past decades, such as Tom Jones, Bonnie Tyler, John Cale, Shakin’ Stevens and bands like Manic Street Preachers, Feeder, Stereophonics, Racing Cars and Man, to name but a few.  

Man from Merthyr Tydfil are probably the most senior band from Wales at the moment. Founded in 1968 from the members of the rock group The Bystanders, Man developed a very independently mixture of progressive and psychedelic rock, blues and elements of US West Coast rock. Live, Man was/is known for their excessive jams in the spirit of US colleagues like the Grateful Dead or The Allman Brothers.  

After a series of successful LPs, Man split up in 1977 due to differences of opinion about their musical focus. During their farewell tour through the USA, Europe and North Africa, the album “All’s Well That Ends Well” was recorded. In 1983, MAN reunited with Deke Leonard, Martin Ace, Jeff Jones and ex-Gentle Giant drummer John Weathers.  

The album “Friday 13th” was released in the same year. Another reformation took place in 1992 with Ace, Jones, Leonard and Weathers and the release of the album “Twang Dynasty”. Since then, Man have been touring regularly and releasing new albums as well.  Further personnel changes bring on the second generation of musicians to Man in the coming years. So in 2021, bassist Martin Ace and his son Josh remain the driving forces of the band.


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