American Scrap

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Limited LP: Clear w/ Brown & Yellow Sepia Vinyl

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You don’t have to be an American citizen to appreciate Huntsmen 2018 debut release, American Scrap. At turns melancholic and furious, small and gargantuan, gentle and crushing, Huntsmen have compiled a highly dynamic album filled to the brim with strong hooks, powerful vocals and expert rhythmic variety. The songs are meticulously constructed, building from its acoustic roots, layering distortion and textures to reach mighty crescendos. Its honest, blue-collar attitude, gleaned directly from its Americana roots, precludes manipulative tricks, and the near-flawless execution proves the band does not need them in the first place. You don’t want to miss this gritty journey across the land of the free. - Angry Metal Guy


1. Bury Me Deep
2. Atlantic City
3. Pyre
4. Interlude B - Insurrection
5. The Barrens
6. Canary King
7. The Last President
8. Interlude A - Shipwrecked