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Limited LP : 180g Vinyl includes high quality download including John Peel Session bonus tracks

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33 1/3 years after its first release Piranha Records reissues the groundbreaking Stella Chiweshe international debut Ambuya! on quality 180g vinyl, remastered from analog tapes, together with a bonus John Peel session from 1988.

Stella Chiweshe stands as one of the most enduring and successful women activists in African music. She started playing the Mbira and performing in her motherland Zimbabwe despite all kinds of racial and male dominant mentalities of that time, setting a spectacular example of how music can cross all kinds of borders, a message that is perfectly aligned with our core values as a record label. With her album Ambuya? the Mbira finally went electric and combined the spiritual with the popular in a creative exchange with British world indie legend 3 Mustaphas 3.

Thrilled to have, and still be, teamed up with such a pioneering artist, we feel like time spins like an album: our mbira-meetstapha kick-off of 1987 still lives and rotates with Piranha Records in 2021. Ambuya? Ambuya!


A1. Chachimurenga
A2. Nehondo
A3. Njuzu
A4. Mugomba
A5. Chamakuwende

B1. Kassahwa
B2. Chipindura
B3. Ndinogarochema
B4. Sarura Wako

1. Chachimurenga [During War]
2. Nehondo [Caused by War]
3. Njuzu [Mermaids]
4. Mugomba [In the Valley]
5. Chamakuwende [Mysterious Man]
6. Kassahwa [Tiny Fish Bone]
7. Chipindura [Answer Now]
8. Ndinogarochema [Will Forever Be Mourning]
9. Sarura Wako [Choose Yours]
JOHN PEEL SHOW Broadcasted on 14.3.1988
10. Kachembere [An Old Skinny Female Frog]
11. Chapfudzapasi [The Famous Song]
12. Ndikafa [When I Die]
13. Vana Vako Vopera [Your Children Are Perishing]