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Knucks takes the Hip Hop world by storm as he gears for the release of his highly anticipated new project “Alpha Place”’.

Following the release of his unorthodox visuals, Knucks delivers heartfelt messages through addictive rap compositions. A dynamic new face to the genre, “Alpha Place” focuses on the feelings and thoughts that the artist and producer has been experiencing growing up in London, channeled through the stirring essence of music. Highlighting important narratives and revitalising the Hip Hop genre, with a composition which is both soulful, moving, and memorable, the rising new artist is changing the rules of the game.

Knucks is taking his artistry to new heights in Alpha Place, with soulful samples and distinctive production styles paired with some of the UK’s biggest names in the rap game. The project is more than just an ode to the neighbourhood Knucks grew up in Alpha House but a representation of life and culture on all sides of the capital. Giving a voice to many experiences shared by young people growing up. Knucks makes his mark on the industry with this new body of work pushing boundaries and channelling his authentic flow and flair.

  1. Alpha House
  2. Nice & Good
  3. Hide & Seek
  4. Bible
  5. Decisions
  6. Leon The Professional
  7. Send Nudes
  8. Playa
  9. Far
  10. Die Hard
  11. Checkmate
  12. Three Musketeers
  13. Los Pollos Hermanos