Mr. G & Duncan Forbes

All Under One Moon

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Mates now for many moons - Mr.G and Duncan Forbes met at the time of Duncan’s Animated project; forging a friendship through weekly record shopping trips; a love of Soho; and regular banter over Duck and Rice. But it was their chance meeting at Glastonbury a few years back which finally sparked them to work together; since leading to a string of remixes for both Phoenix G and 49North, and culminating in their first, combined studio creation, ‘Curry Nite’, in late 2022.

Fast forward to Spring 2023, and what we have here is their first, collaborative full-length on vinyl - artist album, ‘All Under One Moon’. Conceived and created in Duncan’s studio on a long, full moon weekend with cosmic forces at play; the pair - both chomping-at-the-bit with excitement and no real plan or outcome in mind - set about creating, with a pure love of making music and the freedom to go wherever it might take them as their only guide. As G sums up for us…

“Two friends of old with a shared love of music ,having fun making music together in D’s studio. It was a long time coming but in truth caught us both off guard… the sum of both parts being sooo much more. The beauty of being free, making music. What a great moment”

So, on paper, we have - two mates, excited to play away in the studio with their favourite toys until they have to come up for air. But on record, what we actually have is - two close friends, united by a deep love of House, Techno and everything between / beyond - relishing a rare opportunity to jam, and with freedom…. it’s only when you consider quite how almanack-like our two music-obsessed pals are anyway, as individuals; that it begins to dawn on you, just how mind-meltingly rich and stylistically explosive - an album, that’s the sum-of-their-parts - is inevitably going to be.”


A1. Blackout
A2. All The Front
B1. We Love The Music
B2. Latin Love
C1. Are We Syncing
C2. What Ever Happened To… ?
D1. Slow Sunday
D2. Back To The Music