All Over the Place

  • Released: 16/07/2021
  • Label: BMG
  • Genre: Pop

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Limited LP : Red Vinyl

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Teaming up with musicians Jay1 & Deno, KSI is letting the world know that when he wins, those around him win too. “Madness” is an irate track about letting his doubters know how far he’s come tied to tracks such as, “Rent Free” ft. Gracey which is about how he’s always on people’s minds without even trying to be. The serious side of KSI flicks between more playful tracks on the album such as “Silly” featuring Bugzy Malone, “Flash It” ft. Rico Love and “Sleeping with The Enemy” ft. S-X. “No Time” ft. Lil Durk is about his relentless work ethic and how he remains focused, ensuring his presence always be known.   Talking about the title of the album, he says that “This album is all over the place. The genres are all over the place, the topics are all over the place. And it’s correlated to how I am as a person. I’m not someone that just does one thing. I’ve done many things in my life like acting, music, boxing, YouTube etc, and I wanted to make an album that represented that”.



  1. The Moment
  2. Number 2 ft. Future & 21 Savage
  3. Patience ft. YUNGBLUD and Polo G
  4. You
  5. Don’t Play w/ Anne-Marie & Digital Farm Animals
  6. Really Love ft. Craig David & Digital Farm Animals
  7. Gang Gang ft. Jay1 & Deno
  8. Madness
  9. Silly ft. Bugzy Malone
  10. Rent Free ft. Gracey
  11. Flash It ft. Rico Love
  12. No Time ft. Lil Durk
  13. Smoke ft. Nevve
  14. Sleeping With The Enemy ft. S-X

1. The Moment
2. Number 2 (feat. Future & 21 Savage)
3. Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G)
4. You
5. Don’t Play
6. Really Love (feat. Craig David & Digital Farm Animals)
7. Gang Gang (feat. Jay 1 & Deno)
8. Rent Free (feat. Gracey)
9. Madness
10. Silly (feat. Bugzy Malone)
11. Flash It (feat. Rico Love)
12. No Time (feat. Lil Durk)
13. No Pressure
14. Sleeping With the Enemy (feat. S-X)