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In 1980 the trio Humair / Jeanneau / Texier recorded this album, which was initially intended to illustrate an animal documentary. The trio did not know that ‘Akagera’ would become one of the founding moments of an aesthetic and an ethic of French jazz which, 40 years later, remains a model of the genre.

First of all, the instrumentation (sax / bass / drums) is already singular for the time, then the creative power of a trio where each musician finds a cardinal place, very far from a mere rhythm section accompanying a soloist. Finally, the three musicians are also composers, each of them contributing original themes tinged with Africa and the Savannah, modal and mysterious World Music, inexhaustible subjects of unbridled improvisations.

Akagera 1
Akagera 2
Le Cyclope
Maghreb de canard
Mongol fier
Le Gorille