Stereo Total

Ah! Quel Cinema! (Deluxe)

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Stereo Total is a Berlin-based multilingual, French-German duo comprising Françoise Cactus (born Françoise Van Hove and formerly co-leader of the West Berlin band Les Lolitas) and Brezel ('pretzel') Göring (aka Friedrich von Finsterwalde, born Friedrich Ziegler, ex-Haunted Henschel, Sigmund Freud Experience). Both Cactus and Göring sing and play multiple instruments. When they appear on stage as a duo, Cactus frequently plays drums while Göring plays guitar and synth. This is their 17th album!
01) Einfach
02) Ich Bin Cool
03) Mes Copines
04) Cinemascope
05) Methedrine
06) Die Dachkatze
07) My Idol
08) Hass-Satellit
09) Brezel Says
10) Le Spleen
11) Sur Un Fil
12) Dancing With A Memory
13) Keine Musik
14) Elektroschocktherapie