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• Expanded 3-CD edition of this classic atmospheric Trance album from the Megadog-related imprint: Planet Dog Records

• Enhanced with two bonus discs featuring tracks from the band’s ‘Lost In Time’ mini- album, two long-lost remixes by DJ superstar Sasha, tracks previously only available on long-since deleted label compilations and three exceptional tracks from the band’s 1993 Peel session.

• Re-mastered from original sources, compiled by label founder Michael Dog

The booklet features previously unseen artwork and photos of the band as well as new sleeve notes by Kris Needs. A 2-LP/12”
Version to follow in January

“Optimistic, easy access, out-of-body Techno
– this is one flying saucer that cannot be wheel-clamped” – Roger Morton, NME 8/5/93

“They have a knack for uniting opposing moods: dance delirium and tripped-out tranquillity for instance. Try it on the sofa, try it on the sound-system” – Andy C, DJ Magazine 20/5/93

“Boundaries are being dissolved by records like this” – Ben Turner, Melody Maker, 8/5/93


CD ONE: Abduction
1 Prana
2 Gulf Breeze
3 Kalika
4 Splitting World
5 Kinetic Flow
6 Forgotten Rites
7 Abduction
8 Intruder
9 Xenomorph
10 Inner Peace

1 Lost In Time (Lost In Time EP)
2 Gulf Breeze (Zetan Mix) (Lost In Time EP)
3 The Brain (Lost In Time EP)
4 Gulf Breeze (Qat Dub) (Gulf Breeze EP)
5 Gulf Breeze (Ashoshashoz Mix) (Gulf Breeze EP)
6 Kothluwalawa (Feed Your Head Vol 1)
7 Nucleus Trance (Volume)

1 Bioforms (Peel Session)
2 Area 51 (Peel Session)
3 Zarbi (Peel Session)
4 Shiva Unleashed (Intrusion Video)
5 Warp Spasm (Intrusion Video)
6 The Beast Within (Intrusion Video)
7 Squirm (Intrusion Video)