The 9th Creation

A Step Ahead

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The previously lost fourth 9th Creation album finally sees a release.

Originally recorded in 1980 but the master tapes were confiscated by the Drug Enforcement Agency when they discovered the owners of the studio they recorded it in were in fact drug dealers.
J.D Burrise unsuccessfully sued the DEA to recover the tapes but to no avail.

Luckily Mike Micenheimer saved cassette mix-downs of some of the group’s songs from those sessions.

(Because of the source of these recordings, please know that (sadly) some of the songs have drops in stereo and are

not 100% audio quality.)

1. A Step Ahead

2. More & More

3. Body Energy

4. Always Be Lovers

5. Let It Shine

6. Beautiful Lady

7. Party Down

8. Music Is My Pen & Paper


9. Mellow Music

10. A Step Ahead (7” Version)

11. Love Crime

12. Maybe

13. She's The Kind

14. Bygones

15. Satisfaction Guaranteed (Demo)

16. Whenever You Need Me (Demo)

17. Love Can Find A Way (Demo)