In The Shape Of A Storm

Damien Jurado

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Sound wave


Recorded over the course of two hours one California afternoon, “In The Shape Of A Storm” is Jurado’s sparsest album to date.
Here, there’s only Jurado’s voice, acoustic guitar, and occasional accompaniment from Josh Gordon, playing a high-strung guitar tuned Nashville style, rendering its sound spooky and celestial.
Though fans have long requested a solo acoustic album, the prospect never made sense to Jurado, until one
day it simply did. “It just felt like it was time,” Jurado says.


1. Lincoln
2. Newspaper Gown
3. Oh Weather
4. South
5. Throw Me Now Your Arms
6. Where You Want Me To Be
7. Silver Ball
8. The Shape Of A Storm
9. Anchors
10. Hands On The Table

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