How Would You Know I Was Lonely?

The Rhythm Method

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Sound wave


The debut album from London’s The Rhythm Method described by The Guardian as “A Balearic vision of romance as imagined from a parochial nightclub dancefloor”.

Formed half a decade ago in a Thameside squat protection scheme intended for professionals but inhabited by the
barely-employed, the duo of lyricist/vocalist Joey Bradbury and top-liner/singer-songwriter Rowan Martin turned a
summer of FIFA tournaments, cosmic breakdowns and 4pm beers into a series of bizarre, outsider-music iPhone demos that became a Soundcloud, then a band, then a live show and now an album.

Fans and supporters have ranged from spiritual forbearers such Mike Skinner (who produced ‘Cruel’, which also
features London electronic pop artist Zoee), Squeeze frontman Chris Difford (who lends a knowing baritone to the
chorus of Zone 2 opus ‘Wandsworth Plain’), Elton John and Suggs from Madness.


A1. Salad Cream
A2. Ode 2 Joey
A3. Tomato
A4. Something For The Weekend
A4. Single Life
A5. Magic Hour
B1. Local, Girl
B2. Continental Breakfast
B3. Anonymous
B4. Cruel ft. Zoee
B5. Sex And The Suburbs
B6. Wandsworth Plain ft. Chris Difford
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