March 22 – what’s new?


As we countdown to Record Store Day, it’s the annual try and work out where we are going to squeeze in an extra several thousand records conundrum… In the meantime, new releases merrily carry on arriving, with this week’s highlights being –

Lambchop – after the great return to form of 2017’s “Flotus”, Kurt Wagner & Co are back with a new album that mixes the predecessor’s nod to urban soul, whilst still having all those classic Lambchop elements that we know & love.

Jenny Lewis – with an allstar backing band, including Beck, and Ringo, this new record hones even better the sosphti –pop (with the odd country flourish) that previous album “The Voyager” so enjoyable.

Also, there’s the return of 1990s indie darlings Sleeper, the return of noughties indie darlings These New Puritans, & an intriguing looking DJ Kicks compilation from Hyperdub’s Lauren Halo.

Also out is the latest in the return of Illinois’ American Football, who do that post rock meets Emo thing rather well. Talking of genres overlapping into each other (when maybe they shouldn’t), give the Orville Peck record a go – a crazily-deep baritone country outlaw from Nevada singing over warm fuzzy shoegaze. Still not decided whether it’s genius or not….

As ever, 90% of these releases are on indie only coloured vinyl variants, which are all limited, so no procrastination people! *returns to staring at shelves wondering where to put the RSD releases*

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