Parquet Courts

Light Up Gold

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The 2nd album from U.S. rock band Parquet Courts, originally released in 2012. Initially released on frontman A. Savage's label Dull Tools, it was then picked up by What's Your Rupture? for a bigger release. Now repressed December 2019. 


Master Of My Craft 3:10
Borrowed Time 2:32
Donuts Only 1:21
Yr No Stoner 1:50
Yonder Is Closer To The Heart 2:59
Careers In Combat 1:07
Light Up Gold Pt.1 0:18
Light Up Gold Pt.2 1:13
N. Dakota 2:19
Stoned & Starving 5:11
No Ideas 2:37
Caster Of Worthless Spells 1:18
Disney PT 1:12
Tears O'Plenty 3:15
Picture Of Health 2:44