WaqWaq Kingdom

Essaka Hoisa

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LP : Pink vinyl

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New album of "minyo footwork" by renowned japanese musicians Shigeru Ishihara (DJ Scotch Egg / Seefeel) and Kiki Hitomi (ex-King Midas Sound). WaqWaq Kingdom's endless range of stylistic adventures sees them uniquely draw lines between traditional japanese and contemporary electronic, between jamaican dancehall and 8-bit techno, african polyrhythms and experimental music, with plenty more helping to colour a powerful, vibrant palette. After 2017's debut "Shinsekai" on leipzig based label Jahtari, "Essaka Hoisa" is the first album under the new line-up of Kiki and Shigeru, as former drummer Andrea Belfi (Nils Frahm, Mike Watt, David Grubbs) left the band to concentrate on his own projects. This personnel shift has allowed Kiki's vocal delivery and Shigeru's wild productions to explore even deeper new ground, borrowing infinitesimally small snippets of sound and style to craft a singular hotpot of music. 


1. Mum tells me
2. Doggy bag
3. Itadakimasu
4. Gift from god
5. 3rd eye
6. Gaga qu
7. Hototogisu
8. Circle of life
9. Warg
10. Medicine man