Terminal Cheesecake

Le Sacre Du Lievre

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9th album of psychedelic freakery from London’s Terminal Cheesecake.
Alongside contemporaries such as Godflesh and God the band wielded an uncompromising and impure blend of further than far out psych, dub and hammered industrial grooves.
Terminal Cheesecake are currently Russell Smith (formerly of AR Kane and M/A/R/R/S), John Jobbagy (drummer of The Vibes and Purple Things), Dave Cochrane (Bruxa Maria and formerly of GOD), Gordon Watson (Luminous Bodies and Melting Hand) and Neil Francis (GNOD and Locean).


1. Wipey’s Revenge
2. South Sea Wall
3. Golden Hare
4. Saddle Shower
5. Bull Of The Woods
6. V.D.K. Neck
7. The Humming Assassin II