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There Is Love In You (Expanded Edition)

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What was Kieran Hebden's first Four Tet full-length in four years came after a parade of collaboration albums, DJ dates, remixes, and one EP that sounded strikingly like John Carpenter soundtracking the original Halloween film.

Appropriately, There Is Love in You is a reset album, one where Hebden pares his music down to the essentials. (Sorry, no dubstep workouts or pastoral ballads to be found here.) It's the most natural he's sounded on record in years, much more assured than Everything Ecstatic, which bore the brunt of Hebden's wish to snip the folktronica tag by floating an array of (somewhat) iconoclastic tracks.

Here, the music consists of little more than soft tones, muted beats, and overlaid music-box melodies. Perhaps not a recipe for greatness, but in keeping with the axiom that a great artist can always shine no matter the materials or medium, There Is Love in You is an accomplished, beautiful record (despite the lack of shiny bits). Vocals, where they appear, are wordless and textural; the few samples are glitchy but warm and hypnotic.

The nine-minute single "Love Cry" sounds like Carl Craig's Innerzone Orchestra making an epic children's record. Overall, There Is Love in You has the spartan precision of Phillip Glass but also, surprisingly, the warmth and vitality of classic Cluster as well. From his debut, Hebden has always made the more alien side of electronic music sound warm and inviting; this not only accomplishes that, but ranks with his best.

This issue comes bolstered with an extra disc of remixes from the likes of Jon Hopkins, Joy Orbison, Floating Points and Caribou.


A1 Angel Echoes 4:00
A2 Love Cry 9:13

B1 Circling 5:15
B2 Pablo's Heart 0:11
B3 Sing 6:48

C1 The Unfolds 7:47
C2 Reversing 2:40

D1 Plastic People 6:33
D2 She Just Likes To Fight 4:34

E1 Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) 4:56
E2 Sing (Floating Points Remix) 13:57

F1 Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix) 7:56
F2 Love Cry (Roska Remix) 6:10
F3 Angel Echoes (Jon Hopkins Remix) 5:07