Fat White Family

Serfs Up

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The Fat White Family's third album and first for Domino.
Gregorian chants, jackboot glam beats, string flourishes, sophisticated and lush cocktail exotica, electro funk and the twin spirits of Alan Vega and Afrika Bambaataa punctuate the record at various junctures, while the dramatic production of Feet is as immaculately-rendered as ‘Hounds of Love’-era Kate Bush. The dirt is still there of course, but scrape it away and you’ll find a purring engine, gleaming chrome.
1. Feet
2. I Believe In Something Better
3. Vagina Dentata
4. Kim's Sunsets
5. Fringe Runner
6. Oh Sebastian
7. Tastes Good With The Money 05:42
8. Rock Fishes
9. When I Leave
10. Bobby's Boyfriend