Spiritual Sleaze

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"Spiritual Sleaze" is the second album by electronic producer Rejoicer, who is a key musician in the Tel-Aviv beat scene and founder of label Raw Tapes.

Full of lush textures, laid - back beats and complex instrumentation, the album features several vocal tracks from guests including iogi, KerenDun and more.

Rejoicer cites Sun Ra, Aphex Twin, Steve Reich, Dabrye, Eric Satie, Wu Tang Clan, and Scientist among his musical inspirations.


1. Moon Hike
2. Pre Memory Circle
3. Song for the Spirit Flights
4. Heart Way or No Way (Chapeau)
5. Up in Flames feat. iogi
6. Aura Sight
7. Earth Talk feat. Sam Wilkes
8. Crystal Lagoon
9. My Beans feat. KerenDun
10. The Pride, Oh, The Pride
11. No Bells Rang That Day feat. Nitai Hershkovits
12. Lemons feat. Jenny Penkin
13. Third Eye Jungle Run
14. Eagle in The Lodge
15. There is Time