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Talkie Talkie

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If Los Bitchos’ electrifying 2022 debut album Let the Festivities Begin! Was the rowdy build up to the big night out, then Talkie Talkie is the Technicolor explosion of the dancefloor. Made up of lead guitarist Serra, who carries both Australian and Turkish heritage, Uruguayan synth and keytar player Agustina Ruiz, Swedish bassist Josefine Jonsson and British drummer Nic Crawshaw, the group are united by a commitment to having fun. It’s a contagious energy they’ve had no problem transmitting to the world.

The London-based quartet’s new album is glistening with charisma, sonic experimentation and a puckish spirit. Named after a fictional club of the same name Talkie Talkie is a late-night paradise brimming with freedom and possibility; a place where partygoers can escape reality in the dance or daydream along to the invigorating soundscapes. 

Los Bitchos promise to turn the global indie rock scene upside down in 2024!


A1. Hi!
A2. Talkie Talkie, Charlie Charlie
A3. Don’t Change
A4. Kiki, You Complete Me
A5. Road
A6. 1K!
B7. La Bomba
B8. Open The Bunny, Wasting My Time
B9. It’s About Time
B10. Naughty Little Clove 
B11. Tango & Twirl
B12. Let Me Cook You