Kate NV

Room For The Moon

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Dinked: Exclusive Swirled clear, blue and yellow vinyl. kiss-cut sticker sheet (a series of stickers based on Kate's illustrations and the album design), numbered sleeve, limited 300 pressing

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On Room for the Moon , Kate NV follows the muse of music from one chamber of illusion to the next, harmonizing lunar lullabies with a starry compositional choreography. Conjured from unlived memories of 70s and 80s Russian and Japanese pop music and film, Room for the Moon is a 20th century fairy tale suspended in time like a moon torn from a paper sky.

LP Tracklisting
Not Not Not
Du Na
Ça Commence Par
Marafon 15
Lu Na
If Anyone’s Sleepy
CD Tracklist
01. Not Not Not (5:12)
02. Du Na (4:48)
03. Sayonara (Full Moon Version) (6:26)
04. Ça Commence Par (3:16)
05. Marafon 15 (5:26)
06. Tea (Full Cup Version) (3:40)
07. Lu Na (4:38)
08. Plans (5:37) ​
09. If Anyone’s Sleepy (3:22)
10. Telefon (4:36)
11. Sayonara (Single Edit) (5:15)
12. Tea (Small Sip Edit) (1:44)