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UK electronic pop icons Pet Shop Boys return with a brand-new studio album ‘Nonetheless’ on April 26, preceded by first single ‘Loneliness’.

Produced by James Ford, the music on ‘Nonetheless’ is both uplifting and reflective, mixing electronics, live instruments, and orchestral arrangements. The songs are very melodic and quintessentially Pet Shop Boys with a fresh, open sound, bringing together classic strands of PSB song-writing and moving them in new directions.


01. Loneliness
02. Feel
03. Why am I dancing?
04. New London boy
05. Dancing star
06. A new bohemia
07. The schlager hit parade
08. The secret of happiness
09. Bullet for Narcissus
10. Love is the law

2CD Extra Tracks

01. Heart (New PSB version)
02. Being boring (New PSB version)
03. Always on my mind (New PSB version)
04. It’s a sin (New PSB version)