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Machine Head 50

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50th Anniversary of seminal Deep Purple album Machine Head.

Machine Head stands among the most iconic Rock albums of all time, featuring landmark songs such as “Smoke On The Water”, “Highway Star” and “Space Truckin’”. The 50th anniversary of Machine Head will be celebrated in style by the release of a bespoke Deluxe box featuring a 2024 remix of the full album by Dweezil Zappa alongside a 2024 remaster on vinyl and CD.

The box will be loaded with additional Live content such as a previously unreleased concert from Montreux 1971 and the live album “In Concert ‘72”. The Blu Ray Audio will hold rare 1974 U.S. Quad mixes and three tracks in 5.1 audio from 2012, but also a brand new Atmos mix of the full album. The Machine Head Deluxe box will also feature a book of approximately 60 pages, comprised of brand new liner notes, rare photographs and images.

LP1: All tracks previously unreleased
CD1: Tracks 1-8 new remix, previously unreleased
CD1: Tracks 9-15 new remaster, previously unreleased
CD2: Previously released 2012
CD3: All tracks previously unreleased
Blu-ray: Tracks 1-8 new remix, previously unreleased
Blu-ray: Tracks 9-15 previously released 1974
Blu-ray: Tracks 16-18 previously released 2012



Side A

Highway Star 
Maybe I’m A Leo 
Pictures Of Home
Never Before 

Side B

Smoke On The Water
When A Blind Man Cries (B-Side) 
Space Truckin’ 


Highway Star *2024 Remix
Maybe I’m A Leo *2024 Remix
Pictures Of Home *2024 Remix
Never Before *2024 Remix
Smoke On The Water *2024 Remix
Lazy *2024 Remix
Space Truckin’ *2024 Remix
When A Blind Man Cries (B-Side) *2024 Remix
Highway Star *2024 Remaster
Maybe I’m A Leo *2024 Remaster
Pictures Of Home *2024 Remaster
Never Before *2024 Remaster
Smoke On The Water *2024 Remaster
Lazy *2024 Remaster
Space Truckin’ *2024 Remaster


Highway Star
Strange Kind Of Woman 
Maybe I’m A Leo
Smoke On The Water 
Never Before 
Space Truckin’ 
Maybe I’m A Leo (sound-check)


Swiss Yodel
Speed King 
Strange Kind Of Woman 
Into The Fire 
Child In Time 
Paint It Black 
Wring That Neck (Hard Road) 
Black Night


Highway Star *2024 Atmos mix
Maybe I’m A Leo *2024 Atmos mix
Pictures Of Home *2024 Atmos mix
Never Before *2024 Atmos mix
Smoke On The Water *2024 Atmos mix
Lazy *2024 Atmos mix
Space Truckin’ *2024 Atmos mix
When A Blind Man Cries (B-Side) *2024 Atmos mix
Highway Star *1974 U.S. Quad Mix
Maybe I’m A Leo *1974 U.S. Quad Mix
Pictures Of Home *1974 U.S. Quad Mix
Never Before *1974 U.S. Quad Mix
Smoke On The Water *1974 U.S. Quad Mix
Lazy *1974 U.S. Quad Mix
Space Truckin’ *1974 U.S. Quad Mix
When A Blind Man Cries *5.1 Mix
Maybe I’m A Leo *5.1 Mix