High Llamas

Hey Panda

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Opened up by the delirious alchemy of contemporary pop music, Sean O’Hagan leaps back into life with High Llamas, with a set of killer tunes reflecting on dimensional levels how definitions change over time. Arranged by Sean and produced with mix collaborator Fryars to engage the eardrums in non-stop new possibilities, Hey Panda radiates optimism inspired by the joys and sorrows felt in former lifetimes and the diverse conundrums of today alike.


Hey Panda
Fall Off the Mountain
Bade Amey
Sisters Friends (featuring Rae Morris)
How the Best Was Won (featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy)
The Grade
Yoga Goat
Stone Cold Slow
Hungriest Man (featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy)
The Water Moves
La Masse (featuring Fryars)