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Dinked : Exclusive Green & Blue Marbled LP + 7” of ‘English Breakfast’ EP. Limited Pressing of 400 Copies with Alternate Colour Sleeve.

LP : Standard Black Vinyl

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Recorded at Bloomington’s Russian Studio, the studio that had been home to L’il Bub (RIP), and produced by the band’s friend Ben Lumsdaine, Halo is an album defined by musical exuberance, full of gratitude and generosity, and, simply, sounds like a lively conversation amongst close friends.

Lead single "Fall Back" perfectly distills the album's energy with its jangly guitars, buoyant rhythm section and swooning chorus.


1. Glad You Stayed
2. Fall Back
3. Blind
4. Ride
5. Everyone You Know
6. Heart Never Stops
7. They Say
8. Quiet Games
9. Total Disregard
10. I'm On TV
11. When It Goes