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Producer, DJ, pianist and activist LP Giobbi shares Dotr, her highly anticipated full-length sophomore album, due out 18th October 2024 on Ninja Tune imprint Counter Records. Dotr will be available on solid white 2LP.

The album is a huge step up for LP and features some of the biggest names of today
 ncluding Portugal. The Man, Brittany Howard (on a reinterpretation of Alabama Shakes’ “Don’t Wanna Fight”), Jacob Banks, Danielle Ponder, Panama, and Mascolo. Dotr see’s LP celebrate the joys of collaboration, improvisation and creating music through friendship - paying homage to the people and music that shaped her as an artist.


Side A
1. Intro: Patricia Lynn
2. Been Such a Long Time (with Mascolo)
3. & Happiness
4. Is This Love (with Danielle Ponder)
5. Feel (with Jacob Banks)

Side B
1. Until There's Nothing Left (with Brittany Howard)
2. Interlude: Suse Millemann
3. Bittersweet (with Portugal. The Man)
4. So Nice To Be In Love (with Mascolo)

Side C
1. Love Come Through (with Panama)
2. Succession
3. Really Good (with
Reva DeVito)
4. Interlude: Dad to daughter; We Say Yes (with Dad and Yona Gold)

Side D
1. Two Days Older (with Madelyn Rue)
2. Interlude: Carolyn Horn
3. Carolyn
4. Outro: Mama, Mama, Many Worlds I’ve Gone Since I First Left Home (with Holly Bowling)