Jeff Mills

The Eyewitness

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The Eyewitness is the forthcoming album of Jeff Mills and it is composed from the perspective of an unknowingly complicit bystander and it is at the very least, psychologically pathological in nature.

"Trauma and the shock effect of it - the le]over residue of harsh reality so impactful
that it shapes the way you imagine, envision and calculate your poison in regard to
everything and everyone around you. A new type of psychological radius evolves.
Boundaries are reinforced. Relationships are recessed. A damaged brief system floats
aimlessly. Vulnerable to and for anything reminiscent of a worthy cause. The truth
about facts became satirical monologue, dead end expressions that have no critical
arrangement. We all know someone that either has been or will be" - Jeff Mills


A1. Jeff Mills - In A Traumatized World
A2. Jeff Mills - Menticide

B1. Jeff Mills - Those Who Worked Against Us
B2. Jeff Mills - Mass Hypnosis

C1. Jeff Mills - Hold And Command
C2. Jeff Mills - Wonderous Butterfly

D1. Jeff Mills - Sacred Iridescent Mirror (The Pledge)
D2. Jeff Mills - In A Traumatized World (Human Toll Mix) 
D3. Jeff Mills - Indoctrination