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Limited LP : Indies Exclusive Magenta Pink Vinyl

LP : Standard Black Vinyl

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Radiating confidence and self-love, PSA sees Peyton standing in the spotlight and making herself heard, paying homage to her identity and Texan roots.

In 2019, she released her debut Stones Throw EP Reach Out. Now, she is ready to make her PSA to the world.

Across the album’s 12 tracks, Peyton collaborated with several producers to bring her vision to life.


Side A

  1. What Did I Do
  2. Let It Flow ft. Brice Blanco
  3. Haters
  4. Ppl Say
  5. IRLMB
  6. Vicky’s Interlude

Side B

  1. Big Flexer ft. Ian McGilber
  2. Don’t U Wanna Fly 
  3. Tad Bit
  4. It’s Been So Long
  5. Perfect Peach 
  6. Pure Imagination