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Almost out of necessity, Les Savy Fav's sixth LP was born in a pocket reality: singer Tim Harrington's Brooklyn attic. 'A freaky barn', as he calls it, the room was built over the ruins of black mold and plywood, a de facto studio. Different from anywhere they'd ever recorded, the space allowed for a much-needed rebirth for the long-running post-hardcore band. In that in-between, they pieced together what would become their latest evolution, 'OUI, LSF', growing the album's title and cover art out of a patch of grass. 'The record grew organically - literally and figuratively', Harrington notes wryly.


1    Guzzle Blood
2    Limo Scene
3    Void Moon
4    Mischief Night
5    What We Don't Want
6    Legendary Tippers
7    Dawn Patrol
8    Somebody Needs A Hug
9    Racing Bees
10    Don't Mind Me
11    Oi! Division
12    Barbs
13    Nihilists
14    World Got Great