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Limited LP : Limited edition "brown ice" vinyl

LP : Black vinyl

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New York quartet ’s 4th album. Recorded by Josh Druckman at The Outlier Inn.
Despite (perhaps) being the band’s most accessible & melodic work to date, New York quartet Sunwatchers‘ fourth album arrives in a flurry of notes with the buzzing hum of “Sunwatchers vs. Tooth Decay”; the title referencing a 1976 album featuring athlete and activist Muhammad Ali. A cheeky nod to be sure, but laced with the utmost reverence. This attitude sums up Sunwatchers’ aesthetic in a nutshell; the acknowledgement (typically via the band’s irreverent song titles or album art) that the things in life we should take seriously are better faced and understood when disarmed by a wink or nudge. The band may cloak their fiery activism in a jester ’s outfit, but it does nothing to dull the force of their attack. 


1. Sunwatchers vs. Tooth Decay
2. Love Paste
3. Brown Ice
4. Thee Worm Store
5. The Conch
6. The Earthsized Thumb