Matthew, Mark, Luke And John

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• First-ever master-tapes reissue of collectable late 60s UK psychedelic/early progressive LP only issued at the time by Elektra in America.

• Includes previously unreleased songs and alternative mixes from the December 1968 album sessions.


1 Matthew
2 Mark
3 Luke
4 John
5 High In The Tower Of Coombe
6 Methuselah
7 My Poor Mary
8 Fireball Woman
9 Fairy Tale
10 Frère Jacques Bonus tracks
11 Don't Ask Me And I Won't Lie
12 You Are My Sunshine
13 Put Me Down Easy
14 Fireball Woman (alternative mix)
15 Fairy Tale (mono mix)
16 Frère Jacques (mono mix)
17 Don't Ask Me And I Won't Lie (mono mix)

John (US Elektra EKS 74052, released October 1969)

1-10 The album Matthew, Mark Luke and John
11-17 Previously unreleased album outtakes/alternative mixes