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Gingerbread House Explosion

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Euros Childs returns with his 15th album "Gingerbread House Explosion" released on his own label National Elf. Recorded by Stephen Black (aka Sweet Baboo) at Gus' Dungeon II studios Cardiff, it features Stuart Kidd (Kidd, The Wellgreen, Dr Cosmo's Tape Lab) on drums and Stephen Black on saxophone, clarinet and guitars. Following last year's all instrumental "Olion", Gingerbread House Explosion sees Euros singing once more and returning to the more familiar melodic pop songwriting that he is perhaps best known for. It's an album brimming with memorable hooks and choruses, with songs tackling subjects such as Richard Branson acquiring the moon ( Virgin Moon) somebody's bits falling off in the bath ( Bits of me (Falling off)) a couple bonding over a love of bombs ( Cuddle Up to the Bomb ) a man developing an unhealthy obsession with someone else's bins( Bin Night ) and screwing things up (Screw It Up ).

1) Gingerbread House Explosion #1
2) I Love Hippy
3) Bits Of Me Falling Off
4) Whippet Heart
5) Screw It Up
6) Wishing
7) Gingerbread House Explosion #2
8) Virgin Moon
9) Cuddle Up To The Moon
10) Bin Night
11) Dips