Wild Billy Childish

From Fossilised Cretaceous Seams: A Short History of His Song and Dance Groups

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A compilation to celebrate the release of the brand-new book – To Ease My Troubled Mind: The Authorised Unauthorised History of Billy Childish written by Ted Kessler. When the idea for the book was mooted Billy wanted to put a succinct double album compilation together to summarise his 47 years of making music. This is the result.

  1. Thee Mighty Caesars – You Make Me Die
  2. The Buff Medways – Archive from 1959
  3. The Milkshakes – For She
  4. The William Loveday Intention – You Gotta Move
  5. Thee Headcoats – Fingers in the Sun
  6. The Spartan Dreggs – Headlong Fly the Achaens
  7. Thee Headcoats – Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot
  8. CTMF – Last Punk Standing
  9. CTMF – Bob Dylan’s Got a Lot to Answer For
  10. The Buff Medways – Troubled Mind
  11. Billy Childish and The Singing Loins – I Don’t Like the Man I Am
  12. Billy Childish and Holly Golightly – Upside Mine
  13. The Guy Hamper Trio feat. James Taylor – Moon of the Popping Trees
  14. CTMF – All Our Forts are With You
  15. The Musicians of the British Empire – Christmas 1979
  16. The Delmonas – I Feel Like Giving In (French)
  17. The Musicians of the British Empire – Thatcher’s Children
  18. Thee Mighty Caesars – Lie Detector
  19. The Pop Rivets – Fun in the UK
  20. Thee Headcoatees – Hurt Me
  21. CTMF – A Song for Kylie Minogue
  22. The Shall I Say Quois feat. CTMF – It’s so Hard to be Happy
  23. Jack Ketch and The Crowmen – Brimful of Hate
  24. CTMF – Failure Not Success (ALT)
  25. Thee Headcoats – Davey Crockett
  26. The Musicians of the British Empire – Joe Strummer’s Grave
  27. The Buff Medways – Medway Wheelers
  28. CTMF – You Can’t Capture Time (Slight Return)
  29. The Spartan Dreggs – A Shropshire Lad
  30. The William Loveday Intention – Sex and Flies
  31. Thee Headcoats – The Same Tree
  32. Thee Mighty Caesars – Cowboys are Square
  33. Billy Childish and The Singing Loins – Song of the Medway