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Reissue of The Bolshoi’s 1986 full-length debut album Friends. Out of print for at least 30 years, this pressing is on white vinyl. 

The Bolshoi were different. Their songs were dark and subversive, sufficient evidence for many critics to corral them under the ‘Gothic’ banner at the time of their debut album Friends - but they really only “flirted” with Goth. They oozed dark, pensive lyrics supported with inventive pop-goth guitar making them nearly impossible to categorize. The suburban surrealism of the lyrics was rooted in the stories of characters on the fringes of society rather than brooding romantics, with an undercurrent of boredom, inadequacy, and violence. Not the usual themes for pop success! Based in London, the band consisted of Trevor Tanner (lead vocals, guitar), Nick Chown (bass), Jan Kalicki (drums), and Paul Clark (keyboards). With powerful live shows The Bolshoi built a substantial following before disbanding in 1988.


Side A

A1. Away
A2. Modern Man
A3. Someone’s Daughter
A4. Sunday Morning
A5. Looking for a Life to Lose

Side B

B1. Romeo In Clover (Call Girls)
B2. Books on the Bonfire
B3. Pardon Me
B4. Fat And Jealous
B5. Waspy