Phantom Posse

Forever Underground

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Limited LP : Limited edition coloured vinyl

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New album from the New York collective group, headed by producer Eric Littman. The cast of collaborators on this album include Makonnen, Vagabon’s Laetitia Tamko, GABI, Nadine’s Nadia Hulett, Foxes In Fiction’s Warren Hildebrand, Tamko, GABI, Pavo Pavo’s Oliver Hill, Emily Yacina, Yohuna and more.

“Laetitia and I had been demoing out some songs for the self-titled Vagabon record on a weekly basis in my tiny bedroom studio in NYC and sometimes to get the ball rolling I’d throw some Phantom Posse instrumentals her way,” Littmann said in a statement. “Those sessions led to this song and also to what eventually became ‘Water Me Down’ on her record. Later Oliver Hill (Pavo Pavo / Dustrider) added this big cinematic string arrangement to the end and Gabrielle Herbst (GABI) contributed vocals to the middle section in between working on operas.”

1. The Underground
2. Drum Me Up (ft. Nadia and Cale)
3. If Only I Could Be There (ft. Emily Yacina)
4. [ZNO on Canal]
5. What Did You Do (ft. Tyler, Eric and Taryn)
6. [FLASH + MISS17 dreamteam]
7. [SEBO9 on the bridge]
8. It’s All You (ft. Laetitia and Gabi)
9. Find You Out (ft. Emily Yacina)
10. Changing (ft. Makonnen and Yohuna)
11. [RD in the tunnel]
12. Narrow (ft. Chris, Eric and Warren)
13. Cuts Both Ways (ft. Eric and Taryn)
14. [RISE4 outta here]