Charli XCX


  • Released: 07/06/2024
  • Label: Atlantic
  • Genre: Pop

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While a love of rave music has always reared its head in Charli XCX's previous releases, with "brat" she slips past the bouncers and fully enters the club for inspiration delivering an album of irresistible pop bangers while delving deep into her insecurities to deliver the most personal and self-analytical lyrics of her career as a perfect contrast to the driving electronic beats.


1) 360
2) Club classics
3) Sympathy is a knife
4) I might say something stupid
5) Talk talk
6) Von dutch
7) Everything is romantic
8) Rewind
9) So I
10) Girl, so confusing
11) Apple
12) B2b
13) Mean girls
14) I think about it all the time
15) 365