Hatis Noit


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Dinked : Turquoise colour vinyl / Exclusive art print / Signed & numbered (Dinked Edition 193) / Limited pressing of 300

* Strictly One Per Customer* 

Limited LP : Clear Vinyl

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There isn’t a more unique entry into a musical journey than that of Japanese voice artist Hatis Noit. The name Hatis Noit itself is taken from Japanese folklore, meaning the stem of the lotus flower.

Begun in COVID, Noit's efforts resulted in the album becoming a remedy for what was going on in the world and ultimately to remember the joys and richness of life. 
All the songs on this record were created using only her voice. The album was recorded in Berlin where Noit laid down her vocals in just eight hours, before the pandemic forced her and producer Robert Raths to stay local and mix it in East London, which led to working with a new collaborator: engineer Marta Salogni. Between lockdowns it was decided to take the recordings and reamplify them in a local church to bring them closer to that moment of live performance.


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