The Mix (2020 Reissue)

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Limited 2LP : White Vinyl / 20-Page Booklet

German Version : 'The Mix' - White Vinyl

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By the early '90s, it was quite apparent just how far-reaching Kraftwerk's influence had been. From techno to hip-hop to industrial music to house, numerous others were undeniably indebted to the group. Dance clubs had long been a key part of Kraftwerk's following, and the dance market was the obvious target of The Mix -- a collection of highly enjoyable, often clever remixes. While novices would do better to start out with Trans-Europe Express or The Man-Machine, hardcore Kraftwerk followers shouldn't pass up these remixes of such classics as "Trans-Europe Express," "The Robots," "Autobahn," and "Radioactivity." One could nitpick about the absence of "Neon Lights" and "Europe Endless," but the bottom line is that this was a welcome addition to the Kraftwerk catalog.


A1 The Robots 8:56
A2 Computer Love 6:35
B1 Pocket Calculator 4:32
B2 Dentaku 3:27
B3 Autobahn 9:27
C1 Radioactivity 6:53
C2 Trans Europe Express 3:20
C3 Abzug 2:18
C4 Metal On Metal 4:58
D1 Home Computer 8:02
D2 Music Non Stop 6:38