Nick Waterhouse

Live At Pappy & Harriet's: In Person From The High Desert

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A decade ago, journalists, fans, critics, and audiophiles alike were wont to compare Nick Waterhouse to his predecessors. And it was a convenient way to categorize an artist that has since proved uncategorizable—he had a voice that balanced somewhere between Van Morrison and Ray Charles, an aesthetic that caught the attention of style reporters at GQ, an ambitious production vision that stood out among the lo-fi rock and alternative bands of the zeitgeist. He was also disarmingly earnest in his own influences—citing artists like Mose Allison and Them as early inspiration. But now, coming off of his searching, intimate, self-titled album of 2019 and bringing us “Nick Waterhouse Live at Pappy & Harriet’s; In Person from the High Desert” it’s clear that comparisons, of any kind, no longer suffice in 2020.


1. Some Place
2. Straight Love Affair
3. It's Time
4. LA Turnaround
5. Black Glass
6. Don't You Forget It
7. Raina
8. El Viv
9. Say I Wanna Know
10. Wreck The Rod
11. Katchi
12. I Feel An Urge Coming On
13. Dead Room
14. Pushin' Too Hard
15. Sleeping Pills
16. (If You Want) Trouble
17. This Is A Game
18. Some Place (Reprise)