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"Lys", Christian Löffler’s newest album, serves as a contrast to "Graal", its predecessor. Whereas the latter is the result of a six-month period spent largely on the road in between live shows, the former is a studio release in the truest sense, recorded and compiled in the serenity of Löffler home studio, immersed in the woodland nature that formed the basis for "A Forest", his first attempt at the long-player format back in 2012. Rather than capturing a specific moment in time or emotion, "Lys" is a selection of Löffler’s favorite productions from the past three years, carefully compiled into one enchanting and deeply moving listening experience.

1. Farr
2. Versailles (Hold)
3. Weiß
4. The End (feat. Josephine Philip
5. Bergen
6. Noah
7. Lys (feat. Menke)
8. Sun
9. Ballet (feat. finn.)
10. Roth (feat. Mohna)
11. Map
12. Für Immer