Eugene McDaniels

Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse

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The album is dedicated to Roberta Flack who is credited: "Special thanks to Miss Roberta Flack for not being afraid to help a brother. She, in my opinion, is a lady of quality, grace, humanity and talent of the highest order. I love you, Bert-G."

As with McDaniel's previous album, this is not a typical Soul album, which can even be seen by the cover image (a picture of McDaniels screaming between two warring samurai).

This album dabbles in form between soul, funk, jazz, and even folk. In addition, it has been a collector's item among rap music and rare groove enthusiasts since the early 90s when several of the songs were sampled by many hip hop producers including Pete Rock, Q-Tip and Earl Sweatshirt.


The Lord Is Back 3:18
Jagger The Dagger 6:00
Lovin' Man 4:45
Headless Heroes 3:30
Susan Jane 2:08
Freedom Death Dance 4:16
Supermarket Blues 4:07
The Parasite (For Buffy) 9:36