Francis Lai

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In the wake of "A Man and a Woman", whose original soundtrack revealed Francis Lai to the world in 1966, the composer immersed himself with delight in the rhythms of his times, surfing on a psychedelic tsunami of white-hot Jerks and Shakes. With high-tension brass, diabolical rhythms and snatches of cousins in Carnaby Street, here we have a certain idea of pop à la Française, and the music’s brilliant colours sparkle with the skilled arranging of the great Christian Gaubert.

Do you like listening to Francis Lai? Now you can dance with him.


A1. Saint Tropez
A2. Party Music Show Out
A3. Las Vegas Circus Ballet
A4. Seule
A5. Whitechapel
A6. Ballet du voyou
B1. Marseillaise (Générique)
B2. Cinq Pour l'Aventure
B3. Intrigue Au Soleil
B4. Keep It Cool
B5. Party Music