Radio-Activity (2020 Reissue)

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Limited LP : Translucent Yellow Vinyl / 16-Page Booklet

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A concept album exploring themes of broadcast communications, Radio-Activity marked Kraftwerk's return to more obtuse territory, extensively utilising static, oscillators, and even Cage-like moments of silence to approximate the sense of radio transmission; a pivotal record in the group's continuing development, the title track -- the first they ever recorded in English -- is their most fully realised electro-pop effort to date, while "The Voice of Energy" precipitates the robot voice so crucial to their subsequent work.


A1 Geiger Counter
A2 Radioactivity
A3 Radioland
A4 Airwaves
A5 Intermission
A6 News
B1 The Voice Of Energy
B2 Antenna
B3 Radio Stars
B4 Uranium
B5 Transistor
B6 Ohm Sweet Ohm