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Dinked : White & blue marble splatter vinyl * / Double-sided photo print * /  Postcard *
Limited pressing of 600

* EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition 

Limited LP : White Vinyl

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In spring of 2020, Aoife Nessa Frances moved out of the city for the first time in her life. After packing up her things in Dublin, she moved to rural County Clare on the west coast of Ireland, and there, amidst the stillness, she worked on the songs that would become her second album, Protector. The resulting body of work deftly juxtaposes golden hours and arguments, affection and alienation, and above all marks a crucial period of her life that was transformative and left her wiser.

Protector builds pastoral landscapes through light flourishes and open spaces. Songs float along effortlessly, remaining anchored by Frances’ deep voice. Contemplative tempos tug along atmospheric synths, minimal bass, and shimmering guitar notes, conveying a serenity like early morning. Frances found that the noiselessness allowed her, at long last, to listen to herself. “I got up every day before sunrise and took my guitar to a place where nobody could hear me,” she discloses. “These songs were written in the magic hour before the world wakes up.”


A1 Way to Say Goodbye
A2 This Still Life
A3 Emptiness Follows
A4 Only Child
B1 Chariot
B2 Back to Earth
B3 Soft Lines
B4 Day Out of Time