At Sister Ray we pride ourselves on how our shop has access to exclusive albums and other product. We’ve developed relationships with a lot of good folks over the last 30 years and we are always seeking out exciting things to offer our customers. So what exclusives do we offer? Indie Store exclusives: record companies will sometimes make an exclusive pressing of an artist release available to UK stores.Dinked exclusives: we are a part of the Dinked collective who aim to release exclusive material to a select group of UK record stores. More about Dinked here.Record Store Day exclusives: these are available online 7 days after the event itself.  These are the UK RSD rules. If we have anything left after the event then we will make them available worldwide. Please note that RSD items cannot be pre-ordered. More about RSD here. Sister Ray exclusives, over the years we have released our own exclusive pressings. We don’t do it very often but they are always worth looking out for. Sex Pistols, Chas & Dave, The Damned, Billy Nicholls & Morrissey are some of the artists we have worked with.